*  Plastic Wrap

*  Bondage Tape

​*  Coban Wraps

Cock & Ball Fun...

*  Humblers

*  Weights

*  Ball Crushers

*  Ball Stretchers 

*  Parachutes 

*  Cock Pillory

*  Cock Rings

*  Chastity Devices (male & female)

I am very strict when it comes to sterilizing and cleaning, not just My toys and implements*, but My entire Sanctuary! I clean & sterilize from the ceiling to the floor, two to four times a week (sometimes more, depending on how much fun is had!)  

I only use hospital grade sanitizer and EVERYTHING is sterilized* after each & every use. 

Of course, I have the "Basics"...

*  Floggers

*  Whips

*  Canes

*  Paddles 

*  Belts

*  Crop

*  Single Tail

*  Ropes

*  Chains

*  Handcuffs

*  Anklecuffs

*  Collars

*  Arm Binders

*  Spreader Bars

*  Anal Hooks

*  Nipple Clamps

*  Hoods

*  Blindfolds

*  Ball Gags

*  Inflatable Gags

Medical Play...

*  Violet Wand

*  ErosTek 

... and much, much more!


Custom Furniture...

*  Deluxe Bondage Rack

*  St. Andrews Cross

*  Spanking Bench

*  Smother Box

*  Stockades (both Steel & Wood Varieties)

​*  Steel Cage with Plexi-glass Top

*  Suspended Chain Cage

*  Under-the-Bed Cage

*  Latex Rubber Vacuum Bed

​*  Bondage Cube

*  G.H. Door

​*  Swing

... ​and much, much more!



* Sybian

* Venus 2000

* "Mind Meld" Chamber

​D i s c r e t i o n   i s   M y   P r o f e s s i o n

*Autoclave in use

Over the years, I have acquired a collection of implements and other "tools" to make any slaves dreams (or nightmares) come true...  Here is a list of just some of My collection. I am always adding to it and am always open to requests (and adore My slaves who know how to please Me by showering Me with gifts...)  

 I call My domain "The Sanctuary"...


...where Discretion and Anonymity Rule

...where once you are parked inside the private gate, no one will see you enter

...where once inside, your outside world simply disappears


            ...where you will instantly feel Safe and Uninhibited. Submerged in Sensual Submission

My  Sanctuary  is  1200 sq ft  of  Wicked  Deviant  Desire...

​​​Maitresse Synthia


as for My "sissy sluts"...

*  Clothing

                 *  Leather

                 *  Latex

                 *  PVC

                 *  Elegant Wear

                 *  Casual Wear

                 *  Slutty/Conservative

*  Boots & Heels

*  Several Wigs (all colors)

*  Stockings/Nylons

*  Makeup

*  Gloves/Boas/Jewelry 

I can make you up to look as slutty or as pretty as I desire!!!

Role Play...

*  Doctor/nurse

*  Doctor/patient

*  Guard/prisoner

*  Boss/assistant

*  Teacher/student

*  Mother/son

*  Kidnapper/hostage

If you are interested in a scene that I don't have listed here; just ask!