Maitresse Synthia

        D   I   S   R   O   B   E       &       K  N  E  E  L         B   E   F   O   R   E      M   E

Just a few hotttstories from one of My favorite subbies...

​April 2017

i will definitely visit Maitresse Soon again and would recommend Her to anyone. She seems quite capable of teaching a newbie the "ropes", to playing with someone like me who has been in the Lifestyle for over twenty years..... Thank you Maitresse Synthia


June 2017

She positioned me in a swing and starting filling me up with J-lube, slowly a finger at a time She started massaging me.  One finger in, two fingers in, three and then more lube, four fingers and then suddenly the whole hand slid in,this was a perfectly made experience, i had a great sensation and was so ready to feel more. She looked at me and asked "do you want more?" i nodded back and confirmed, sure, i was ready.  Then She started working on my butt hole, fisting me hard, first one hand, then the other in and out.  Then She start working on me with both hands at a time !!!!  Slowly, Lots of J-Lube, then more and more and then !!!!!  She had both FISTS INSIDE of me, WAU WAU, it was so good, such a feeling.  my cock got rock hard and i was ready to cum.  But She said, let's see the rosebud first, OK.  She worked my ass, in and out and suddenly i felt it.  i was giving in and when She took Her hands out, i felt it, the rosebud came alive.  i had the biggest orgasm that i have had in years.
So, gentlemen and fist lovers,
Mistress Synthia is probably the best fister in the world, She can make you give birth and feel so goooooood.
Thank you Mistress Synthia

fetish slave s

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Maitresse had made Her dominance over me the main focal point in my life.  She had trained me to be Her whore, periodically "putting me to work" to earn Her money.  When She is in “Lady Pimp” mode, She often “rents out” my mouth and my ass to some of Her friends and keeps all of the proceeds.  She had also turned me into a cuckold for Her and Her hung, dominant lover, Bull Rich.  This was, mentally at least, the hardest test of all.  Mattresses is beautiful and intensely sexual.  The only issue is that as Her cuck, my only sexual involvement consists of “fluffing” Her and Bull Rich and then cleaning up afterward.  Lots of sex and orgasms for them, lots of degradation and frustration for me.  All the same, i would not have it any other way!  i know that i am incredibly fortunate to be owned, used and exploited by Maitresse Synthia and i am grateful for each and every moment that i am in Her service.

Today was going to be hot, humiliating, and very sexy.  She was hosting a "girls dinner".  i had several parts to play in the event: maid, chef and pleasure slave for Her and a number of Her friends.  i knew that there would be a lot of humiliation thrown my way, and I could not wait for the opportunity to demonstrate my utter devotion to Maitresse Synthia, the Goddess who rules my life.
Maitresse had three friends coming over for a little dinner party.  Two of Her friends were Dommes, the third was "curious" about BDSM...W/we were going to put on a show for her.  

i planned an Italian themed dinner: homemade eggplant parm, red wine and a salad.  Fortunately, She allowed me to put on "men's" clothes (She has sent me to fetish stores in the past, completely dressed in drag before.)  She did require that i keep my collar on and of course, my little cock was locked up tight in a chastity device.  The key to that device hung where it always did, on a silver chain between Maitresse Synthia's perfect breasts.

i made it through the shopping without too many stares or embarrassing questions about the collar.  The woman at the checkout counter had given me a knowing smile.  i suspect that she was “in the scene” and i almost invited her to the dinner, but as a sissy maid my duty is to serve, not to think; ...Maitresse does all the thinking for both of us.  Upon returning to The Sanctuary i returned the men's clothes to Maitresse, and slipped into the maid's outfit She provided.  Then i was off to the kitchen to decant the wine, make the sauce, and start the eggplant parm and salad.  i was slaving away in the kitchen (literally) when Maitresse came in an hour later.  She asked if i was at a place where i could stop without screwing up the dinner and i informed Her that i was.  She hooked a leash to my collar and said, "on your hands and knees now! Come with me, bitch."

She led me to the dungeon and put me over the spanking bench.  She secured my arms and legs tightly, and then lifted my skirt exposing my ass and my vulnerability.  Having served Maitresse in public play before, i knew what was coming.  She used Her power to instill fear in me.  As a sissy slave, i needed these lessons, and i knew that i was about to get a painful one.  Maitresse knelt down and whispered in my ear, "bitch, tonight you are going to serve my friends and I.  you will serve Us dinner, you will serve as Our urinal and, if anyone gets the urge, you will serve as Our pleasure slave.  This is a huge honor for you, and if you screw it up, I will cane you like you have never been caned before.  Now I am going to give you 15 strokes, just so you know how serious I am!"  She was serious, there was no warm up.  She simply laid into me with Her cane.  i was in tears, begging for mercy in no time.  i promised to be good, i promised to obey Her every wish and command.  She showed me no mercy.  She gave me 15 harsh strokes and then freed me and asked, "do you understand My expectations?"  i replied through my tears "yes Maitresse! i promise to be a good maid and an excellent whore for You! Thank You for letting me serve You!"  She ordered me to wipe my tear streaked face, to reapply my make up, and to get back to work.  In light of my recent lesson, i wasted no time. i made myself presentable and scurried back to the kitchen and quickly resumed cooking, taking a brief moment to set the table and make sure that everything was absolutely perfect.

Maitresse was soon ready for Her party.  She was dressed in the shortest black leather miniskirt you could imagine, with thigh high black leather boots and a tight black top.  i fell to my knees when She entered the room and She allowed me to worship Her feet.  As i kissed Her boots She said, "bitch, what do you think of My outfit?  I am not wearing any you want to know why?"  i nodded my head in the affirmative.  She smiled, "well, at a minimum, I am going to piss in that mouth of yours in front of My friends later this evening.  I also might just allow you to worship My ass...maybe even more, in front of them as well."  my tiny little cock strained against the chastity device as She spoke.  "In fact," She turned around and bent over, exposing Her tanned and toned cheeks as Her tiny skirt rode up.  She snapped Her fingers and pointed at Her perfect ass, "worship!"

i immediately responded with great enthusiasm.  I loved it when Maitresse let me worship Her amazing asshole, the only thing better than that, was the possibility of finally being allowed to worship Her perfect, platinum pussy! my cock felt as though it might burst from its cage at the mere thought! As i continued the task at hand, Maitresse was definitely getting into it, but before She could get too carried away, She abruptly stopped, and took Her delicious ass away from me. She lifted my face up to Her's and warned, "bitch, My friends may require the same ass licking service from you tonight; you make sure each and every time is the exact same level of service as I just received...and I WILL be checking; do NOT disappoint Me."

                                           be continued...

-slave jeff cucky

February 2016

i want YOU to tell me what You want. You deserve it gorgeous.Absolutely You are so fucking hot. i am  fucking dripping with cum right now thinking of Your hot body and what You do to me... fucking love it. i am happy to have found You
Your slave gn

Notice:The following stories are fiction and all of the characters are portrayed as individuals over the age of consent. The contents are copyrighted and may not be duplicated without the written consent of Maitresse Synthia.  

"The date"

March 2014

From the first time i talked to Maitresse on the phone to the first time i soon met Her for a session, She invoked a feeling of trust. It is hard to adequately describe the unique combination of authority, discipline and sensuality that She exhibits in Her demeanor during sessions.It is readily apparent that She enjoys what She doesand Her engaging exuberant personality makes your time with Her all the more memorable. Her genuine respect and understanding of Her submissives is evident in both Her communications and in Her actions. i am eternally grateful for having had the privilege of serving this lovely and talented Domme."

sub j

"cock whore" training 101

The Dinner Party: Part 1

May  2016

Maitresse,You are so knowledgeable and understanding.Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to explore in a safe environment, with a Beautiful Mistress who knows the joy of exploration  and pushing a submissive. 

Training Starts Tomorrow!

Your new sissy slut

i was scared.  For the past 4 weeks, Maitresse Synthia had been training me ruthlessly; keeping me in chastity with no release.  She had been exceptionally brutal in Her training of me, chaining me to the floor for days on end while She taught me a number of commands and used the cane whenever i was slow to respond.

There was one specific command in which much of my training focused: worship.

She would initiate the command with a snap of Her royal fingers and a gesture toward the object to be worshiped.  Sometimes, it was wonderful.  She would snap Her fingers and point to Her ass or pussy.  Then i would do my best to give Her an orgasm (a pleasure usually reserved for Her personal slave).

However, the last 2 weeks had been different.  She had focused my training on cock worship.  She loved strap-on training.  She repeatedly forced me to suck Her cock.  If i hesitated or did not deep throat it properly, She caned me.  i had earned plenty of bruises, but lately my abilities had improved and She was pleased with my cock sucking skills.

Then She dropped the bombshell.  "bitch", She said, "It is time for you to prove yourself to Me...My 'little cocksucker'."  It was so matter of fact that i knew that i would soon be sucking cock - real cock - for Her amusement. With that She gave me a tender brush on my cheek with her hand, followed by a hard slap across my face. "you better not let Me down...Lights out!"    
At Her command the room went black, leaving me with only my thoughts and my stinging jaw. Maitresse had disappeared into the blackness of the night, as She often did.
The next morning, began the same way they always did: with Her using me as a toilet, as She divulged the days events to me. She started talking about a big shopping spree that She had planned for the next day.  Later that afternoon, I learned more.  She was very clear about the next debasement that I had to endure to "prove myself to Her"; to worship Her.  "jeffy, tonight you will be my whore!  you see, I host a blackjack game once a month.  I do it for My many gay boy friends.  Most of them are Tops and know exactly what they like.  Since I am the host, I am the house and the bank.  And you know the house always wins, right?  Especially under My rules.  you see, whenever the house "owes" 50 bucks or more, I settle accounts.  I sell blow jobs, jeffy.  Blow jobs that you will be giving.  Do you understand, whore?"

i knew that I did.  i was Her whore, She was my Lady Pimp and i was scared. my cock twitched.

She dressed me in a collar, garter belt, stockings and heels.  She put the sluttiest lip stick on me and told me that tonight I would be, "sucking cock to make money."

Her guests were expected at 8 PM.  At 6 PM She had me set up the dungeon for blackjack. i put out a table and cards, chips and drinks.  I was straightening the room when She walked in, half dressed and looking amazing.  "Over the punishment bench whore!"  i immediately did as ordered.  "Whore, you know that pimps slap their bitches around to keep them in line?  Well, we Lady Pimps use a similar technique but we prefer the cane."  With that, She strapped me down.  "This is what will happen if you let me down, whore.  This is how this Lady Pimp keeps Her bitches in line."  With that, She gave me 30 strokes with the cane."  By 15 i was screaming, by 25 i was in tears.  She released me and said, "do not disappoint me, whore.  It will hurt more the next time!"

She allowed me to wash the tears from my face and put on more make up.  Soon i was answering the door, greeting guests (to my  shame) and fetching drinks.  When all the guests arrived, Maitresse asked everyone to sit down.  "Well boys, it is blackjack night again and I have a big day of shopping ahead of me tomorrow.  I have a brand new whore for your enjoyment tonight.  This bitch has only sucked dildos but I can assure you that she is a proficient cock sucker.  Let me remind you of the rules.  I am the house.  If I owe you fifty dollars or more, I settle up: my whore will suck your cock.  Isn't that right whore?"  

Without missing a beat, i said, "yes Maitresse!"  I was blushing deeply. my cock twitched again.

Before Maitresse could even sell anybody chips, one of Her friends said, "Syn you know I am just here to check out your new bitch.  A virgin?  Damn, I need some of that!  What's it cost to blow a load in her mouth right now?"

Smiling, She responded, "if you want to be the 1st it is $75."  A wad of money came out his pocket and rested on the table.  Maitresse snapped Her fingers and pointed at his cock.  i crawled on my knees to him, pulled his zipper with my teeth and released his large, shaved tool.  Fearing the beating that i would get if i disappointed Her, i sucked him like a porn star.  i licked his shaft and balls and then deep-throated his tool.  With his cock buried in my mouth, i played with his balls. It was slow to build then hot and wet and both Maitresse and i could tell that he was getting close to cumming.  She said loudly, "don't miss a drop, whore.  My guests expect you to swallow and so do I."   He gripped the sides of my head and began fucking my face, his cock tensed up and then exploded down my throat. I swallowed his load right away, and removed his cock from my mouth.

Maitresse told me the next time that She wanted me to keep the cum in my mouth and show everyone.  Then She ordered me to lick his cock clean and put it away.  Wanting to go the extra mile, but totally humiliated, i finished by kissing the tip of his cock and saying, "sir thank you for helping me earn money for my Lady Pimp."  Everyone in the room burst out laughing at me.

The next hour was a blur.  Maitresse raked in money as the house, i kept everyone's drinks full and tried to keep Her guests entertained by acting like a slut: rubbing against them, playing with their cocks through their pants, etc.  I could tell Maitresse was having fun.  

Then the house lost a series of hands to Bill.  Maitresse ordered me to count his chips and She owed him 50 bucks.  "You know what to do, whore," She ordered.  i sauntered over in my heels and began grinding on him.  It was a bit of a challenge to undue his belt with my teeth, but soon his cock was free and in my mouth.  Maitresse reminded me that she and her guests wanted to see this load in my mouth before i swallowed.  The guys were getting into it now, some laughing and some cheering.  I wondered if they were more interested in winning money or getting blowjobs from me.  Either way it didn't matter; Maitresse was already up 675 bucks."

i felt my newest "john" tense up and then explode in my mouth.  i crawled to Maitresse and showed Her the mouthful of spunk.  She ordered me to show the other guests.  i did and a few of them even spit on me.  This was getting intense.  i sucked off two more, each time kissing the tops of their cocks, putting it away and thanking them for helping me earn money for my Lady Pimp.

Now it's back to the cards and helping Maitresse make some more dough.  One of Her guests, Master Gary, said, "that is quite a specimen that you have Maitresse Synthia.  How long has your whore been in chastity?"  

"A month Master Gary dear.  she'll do anything at this point.  she is the living definition of sexual frustration and desperation." 

He smiled, "I thought as much.  And she's never had a real cock in Her ass?  How much would it cost to go on that tight little ride?"

Maitresse looked at me, "have you ever had a cock in your ass whore?"  

"No Maitresse. But Master Gary looks so hot, so if it would please You, i would love it if he could be the first!"

They negotiated a bit, more for fun that anything else.  During the process She ordered me to tease him.  In order to make more money for my Lady Pimp, at one point i had the tip of his dick out of his jeans and was flicking the head with my tongue to get him going.  They settled on $200 and he took me into another part of the dungeon.  Naturally everybody came to watch.   

Once again I removed clothes with my teeth and got another paying customer hard.  He gave me a spanking over his knee and then he turned me around and started fingering my ass.  He was not to be denied and soon i could feel the head of his dick pushing on my virgin hole.  i tried to relax but it hurt.  He forced his way into me and i gasped with pain.  Fortunately, he gave me a moment to get used to his cock and then he began fucking me.  He slapped my ass, pulled my hair, called me names and enjoyed himself.

i was grunting in shame, humiliation, pain and some pleasure.  Finally he blew his load.  Maitresse had made him wear a condom to fuck my ass.  Now She made me take it off and dumped the contents on my face.  Covered in Master Gary's cum, i once again licked and kissed his cock clean and thanked him.  i got his 200 bucks and handed it to my Lady Pimp.  She now had a growing pile of dough.  

She only got down by fifty to one other player that night and true to Her word, i settled the debt by sucking his cock. then Maitresse announced, "some of you have not yet got to enjoy my whore and the house is about to close.  This bitch is normally 50 bucks but since you boys have been unlucky in cards (and we're all friends here) you can buy a blow job for $25 right now."  Every guy who had not yet cum hit the bid.  i had 8 more cocks to suck and Maitresse had another 200 bucks.  She ordered me under the table and i crawled from guest to guest shamelessly giving head.  It was so humiliating but, because i was making money for Maitresse Synthia it felt so right.

When all the guests had finally cum in my mouth, Maitresse showed them to the door.  bella was released from her cage and she and i cleaned up after the party.  Maitresse counted Her money.  Between the $600 buy in, selling me a couple of times and then the speed round of blow jobs, She had made just under $1000.  

my gorgeous Lady Pimp came over to me and was smiling.  "Nice job jeffy.  That is the 1st of many times that I will be pimping you out.  You made Me very happy and very wet.  She removed her skirt and panties and snapped Her fingers, pointing at Her pussy.  It was my favorite thing to do!  Worshipping Maitresse's pussy was a privilege beyond words.  Soon She had ridden my face to several of Her own orgasms and my cock was straining within its cage.

She caught Her breath and said, "since you have been such a productive whore this evening, I am going to reward you."  She removed the chastity device and my cock sprang to life.  "Beg Me to allow you to cum, jeffy!"

i begged and begged!  i promised to be Her whore, to clean, to cook to take any beating!  If only i could cum.  Apparently, She liked what She heard as She ordered her slave girl to suck my cock and then spit the cum back into my mouth.  i shot a massive wad and, for the 13th time that night, got a mouthful of male cum.  This time it was my own and it was delivered with a French kiss from Maitresse's amazing slave girl.

i was not permitted to shower.  Maitresse said, "I want you to feel defiled whore.  Now crawl to the cage and go to bed!"

i did as ordered.  After all, we had a big day of shopping planned for tomorrow!        -slave jeff cucky

Maitresse Synthia had told me that tonight i was to experience a new level of debasement. i did not know what She had meant specifically, but I could tell that She was serious.

Although the day started with me performing my routine chores of cleaning the dungeon, doing the dishes, and running a few errands, at 5 PM all that changed drastically.

Maitresse summoned me to Her bedroom. This is a rare honor, as this is a part of the house that is normally reserved for Maitresse and
​Bull Rich. i assumed the position in front of Maitresse as She spoke. "slave, how long have you been locked in chastity? 4 weeks?" She knew the answer but wanted to hear me say it, "yes Maitresse, 4 weeks in chastity." She grinned broadly and ordered me to "present" and i rose to my knees. She began to tease my nipples and my balls (my cock was locked in a CB 6000). "It's too bad your cock is so little. I am super fucking horny and need a good fucking...something you and your little prick are too small to provide. So, My Bull, Rich, is coming over. He's a real stud; dominant with a huge cock," She smiled, "basically the opposite of you." With that She grasped my balls in Her talons, "and soon, you will be serving Us both. you will be My cuckold, fluffer, and whore. you hesitate for even one second tonight, and I will cane you like you've never been caned before. Understand?" She threatened as She squeezed my balls so hard i was sure they would burst. "Yes Maitresse! Thank You for the opportunity to serve You and Your Bull." i managed to eek out in little more than a high pitched whisper.

She smiled at my docility and utter lack of ego. i was Her broken slave and we both knew it and loved it. "If you do a really good job, i just might let you out of chastity and allow you to cum. But I'm not really interested in your pleasure right now, My little bitch; go and draw Me My bath."  i then had the distinct pleasure of assisting Maitresse while She was taking a bath.  If you've been on Her website, then you know that She is incredibly beautiful: gorgeous face, hot body and completely dominant.  She is everything that a sub can desire (and, if you're like me, be denied).  The best part was when Maitresse allowed me to shave not only Her legs, but Her beautiful pussy as well.  It was so hot to be that close to Her, to be prepping Her for Her Bull Rich and to be utterly denied. 
my tiny little cock strained in vain to get hard within the confines of the cage in which She had encased it. 

After i had dried Her, we moved to the bedroom,​ where i was allowed to watch Her apply lotion to Her entire body. By this time a steady stream of pre-cum was dripping out of my tiny little dick and onto Her beautifully polished wood floors. i looked down just in time to see the small puddle forming beneath me, and before i could look back up i felt the sting of Maitresse's hand across my face. "What the fuck is that?" She yelled. 
"How dare you! you have exactly three seconds to make that disappear or I will make you wish you'd never been born!" ​

​ i immediately dropped to the floor and started licking up the mess i had made as Maitresse kept her foot planted firmly on the back of my head. "Don't leave a drop, My little cum receptacle."  Believe me, i didn't. ​When She felt i had gotten it all, She let me get back to my feet, ​and​ i got to watch Her pick out Her "outfit" for the night.  i use the term "outfit" because this was not a traditional date.  This was a date between two Lifestyle Dominants who wanted to fuck and cuck a slave.  Maitresse picked black garters, stockings and heels, and nothing else.  After She put them on, She leaned forward over the bed, and, snapping Her fingers, pointed at Her ass.  i immediately knelt behind Her and began to worship.  "that's right cucky, give Me an orgasm before My stud arrives.  Lick my asshole, tongue fuck it like the whore that You are!" Maitresse proceeded to ride my tongue to an orgasm and my desperation, as well as my aching, caged cock grew with each passing second.

After She had cum, She sat down on the bed and ordered me to kneel between Her legs, inches from Her perfect pussy.  "Well cucky, My Bull will be here soon to fill My pussy with a hot load ​or two of His ​hot, sticky cum.  
A load that I expect you to clean out with your tongue.  Before He gets here, would you like to taste My pussy?  Do you want to know what it tastes like​ before it is filled with a real man's cum?"  Of course i replied in the affirmative.  She spread Her legs a bit wider and beckoned me in, "Just one kiss cucky, one kiss on My perfect platinum pussy.  You'll be able to taste My cum from the orgasm that you just gave Me and that is more than you deserve."  i kissed Her pussy and She was right, it was perfect.  She then pushed me away and ordered me down to the kitchen to open champagne for Her and Her Bull.  "He'll be here any minute cucky.  You will have a glass for Him, you will be kneeling by the door when He arrives. you will present Him with a glass of champagne and a blow job.  Don't let Me down or it is the cane!"

my utter debasement had begun...

i waited by the door for Bull Rich with a glass of champagne and a feeling of being totally submissive ​ yet out of control. i heard the sound of His car pull up out front. The sound of a key in the lock, and the front door swung open.  Bull Rich walked in.  i presented Him with His champagne, kissed both of His feet and said, "hello Sir.  Maitresse will be here shortly but She wants me to entertain You.  May i suck Your magnificent cock until She arrives?"  He smirked at me, "She told me that you are a spineless pathetic cuck, looks like she was right so far. Now let's see if you suck as good as she claims you do."  He undid his fly, pulled out his thick smooth shaft, spit on the mushroom head, and said "there's some lube for you to get started; start sucking bitch!" i began giving Him my best blow job and He immediately started to get hard.  Then i felt Him rest His champagne glass on my head.  It was so degrading! Maitresse walked in and burst out laughing.  "Rich, I see that you've met my cuck.  Isn't it ​ hot how submissive he is?  I love the fact that You can use his head to rest Your drink.  This little bitch is here solely for Our carnal pleasure, so I hope that You are as fucking horny as I am!"  She moved in and They began to kiss and play with each other.  Bull Rich's cock was still in my mouth, His drink was on my head, and Maitresse had one hand on the back of my neck while the two of them made out.  i felt like a sex toy and it was somehow both degrading and uplifting at the same time.

Maitresse then grabbed my hair and pulled me off of Rich's cock, "that cum is for Me....well, for Me​ initially.  you'll eat every drop of it before the night is over.  She clipped a leash to my collar and handed it to Her Bull, "Rich, will you take my bitch down to the dungeon and string her up?  I think that We need to torture this sissy slut as foreplay...". Grinning, Rich led me to the dungeon and then affixed me to the St. Andrews Cross.  He proceeded to strip out of the rest of His clothes while Maitresse made Her way down to the dungeon. As soon as She arrived, He and Maitresse embraced again and began to kiss.  Soon They were in front of me.  Maitresse had a small electrical device, basically a mini cattle prod and She and Rich took turns shocking my nipples and balls.  I was totally helpless and They tortured me ruthlessly.  When They tired of this sport, She took a flogger and began to whip my back while He watched and urged Her on, occasionally spitting on my face and body until i was covered in a sheen of sweat, spit, and my own pre-cum.   i was in total pain and They were in total lust for each other.  

Then Maitresse said, "this is getting Me so fucking hot!  I need to fuck!". She strapped on a huge dildo and stuck it in my mouth for lube.  Then She removed the plug from my ass and began to fuck me...hard.  Bull Rich stood in front of me slowly stroking His massive tool,
staring at me, almost as if He were studying my every move.​ During one particularly hard thrust from Her strap on, i shrieked in pain.  It was the exact moment He had been waiting for.  He shoved His cock past my lips, straight to the back of my throat. After a brief reflex gag, i immediately began sucking it. Much of the saliva that was created by His cock head hitting the back of my throat was spilling out of the corners of my mouth and onto the ground. my mouth had never before been so wet, nor had my desire to be used ever been so strong. They were both working me over, spit roasting me like a piece of meat and talking dirty to each other. Finally Maitresse could stand it no longer.  She pulled the cock out of my ass and said, "get to work lube whore!"  I crawled between Her legs and began to worship Her royal pussy.  She was already turned on and wet, with Her pussy lips puffy with anticipation of a night of decadent pleasure.  It didn't take much licking for Her to have a shuddering orgasm.  Then Rich ​grabbed me by the hair and ​pulled my head away.  "That pussy is for Me, bitch." I pulled back before my superior, and He smacked my ass.​

To further humiliate me, Maitresse made me guide His ​fat cock into Her pussy.  All the while She made me talk about how big it was and how superior it was to mine and how ​i only deserved to be ​Their fluffer and ​Their clean up cuck.  She had been training me ruthlessly and in this moment of desperate eroticism, it was obvious that i was completely Hers.  i was nothing but a cuck that existed for ​the pleasure and amusement of Her and Her Bull.  Once He had penetrated Her, i had to lick both of Their feet while They fucked missionary style.  Then They switched to reverse cowgirl, with Maitresse on top.  I was instructed to kneel between Her legs and lick His balls and shaft as well as Her clit.  This went on for longer than I imagined possible.  Bull Rich is exactly that, a stud with stamina and an ability to please. Maitresse had several more orgasms.  However, even He could not last forever.  i could see the level of intensity ​ rise up further and further until finally His balls exploded, pumping what could only be an enormous load of cum into Maitresse's pussy.  She too gasped and came again.  i knelt, humbly, in front of Them.  

After His orgasm His cock returned to a more normal size and Maitresse removed it from Her pussy. 
"Clean Him, ​cuck.  Clean My stud's cock.  Show Us both what an obedient cuckold you really are." ​ ​I licked and kissed every drop of cum from His tool.  i loved the taste of Maitresse.  i was not into the taste of male cum, but it didn't matter.  She expects Her slaves to be bi-cucks.  Those that are chosen to serve Her have no choice.  i was lucky enough to serve Her. therefore, i had no choice; i licked His cock and balls clean. Smirking, She ordered me to lie on my back and open my mouth.  Then She squatted above my face and lowered herself onto me saying, "there it is bitch!  My perfect pussy full of cum!  This is your reality, th​is is your future! you are My cum eating cuckold now and forever!". The reality of that sank in as Bull Rich's enormous load began to drip​ out of Her pussy and into my waiting mouth. i focused on my utter devotion to Maitresse Synthia, the Goddess who owns me, and consumed every drop of His cum from Her perfect pussy.

They fucked again that night.  i was required to fluff them both and clean another of Bull Rich's mammoth loads from Maitresse's perfect pussy.  All the while they laughed at me and told me what a pathetic slut i was and ​even slapped me around​ a bit​.  
At the end of the night, Maitresse led me from Her bedroom to the cage in the dungeon and locked me in with a single blanket.  She bent down close to the bars and beckoned me to Her.  I was so turned on, so desperate and so enthralled with Her; I knelt as close to the bars of the cage as ​i possibly could​.

She made eye contact and said, "I am going back in there, you know. 

I may fuck Him again tonight​, which means you'll ​get to clean My
​well fucked,

cum filled, ​



​Then again, I may not fuck Him again tonight...

​ ​think about it while you are locked in a cage in chastity.  Either way, Our day will start the same way tomorrow. 

We will both use your pathetic mouth as​ Our urinal.  You'll drink every drop - His as well as Mine - or I will cane you. 

Then you will make Us breakfast and serve it to Us in My bed.  Finally, after We are finished eating, I will watch you suck Him to completion, and then you will thank Him for fucking Me so well, and for the delicious hot breakfast He just fed you."

She rose and walked to the door.  "Think about that all night​, My pathetic little cuckold whore".


The lights went ​out​
and I was

and ​
​with only the utter darkness​
​and my new reality

crashing in




-slave jeff cucky