Now here is your opportunity to impress Me. I need at least 2 or 3 hours of your time spent on the things I need to get done around here...

Tasks such as: cleaning My bathroom, doing the dishes, doing My laundry (lucky you),

or maybe even washing My truck. There is no limit to the things I have for you to do.

Perhaps you have above average cooking skills? That's a plus! 

you give an exceptional massage?  I'll be the judge of that...

As a matter of fact, I WILL be the judge of that and all that you do while you try your best to impress Me - so remember to stay focused, because you will be receiving either 

Reward or Punishment toward the end of session, and because I am fair and because I am honest, you can be assured that whichever you receive, is exactly what you deserve.

So c'mon... Impress Me...

$150 - 1st Hour 
$100 each additional Hour  
(2 Hour Minimum) 


Cum & spend 2-3 hours locked away in one of My cages while I go about My normal daily/nightly business...

I may engage with you; teasing and taunting for as long as you continue to amuse Me, or I may forget you are even there, and you would get to see Me as a little fly on the wall would. Just don't let Me catch you peeking through the bars across the hall into My bedroom where I might just be changing or entertaining My Bull! 

Or perhaps I'll even be in a session the whole time you are locked up... able to hear the sounds but not see the sights of what I'm doing in the other room. Left to create images to match what you are hearing, using only your imagination and your depraved fantasies. Of course, I would have to make sure it was ok with my other subbie that you were listening in the very next room... and maybe, if you both agreed, I could even bring him in so the two of you could meet? ...Ah the possibilities really are quite endless...

​$150 - 1st Hour

$100 each additional Hour  

(2 Hour Minimum) 

Greetings to all My precious subbies!  I've been pondering, and I do believe

that it's about time for some of you to start Serving Me in a unique manner.

So effective immediately, the following two scenarios are available to you

so that you may prove your utter devotion to Me in a new and exciting way...

​                                                                                                      -MS

Maitresse Synthia

        D   I   S   R   O   B   E       &       K  N  E  E  L         B   E   F   O   R   E      M   E

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