Pain slut (see Torture)


One who engages in sexual or erotic activities with partners of all sexes, orientations and gender identities. 

Pantyhose Fetish (See Stockings)

Phone Session / Video Session

When a Mistress Dominates Her slave over the phone or in a video call. Often entails intense psychological domination. May involve some role play.

POT (Post Orgasm Trauma)
When stimulation is continued after the slave has released, causing the slave discomfort.

Predicament Bondage (see Bondage)


Any defined, enforced code of behavior which a submissive is expected to abide by.  If the submissive does not follow protocol they will often face punishment. 

Psychological Domination

The goal is to "confine" the slave, using only words. The Domme "gets inside the head" of Her slave and dominates him mentally.

Safe word
A word that both The Domme and the slave agree upon, prior to playing, for the slave to use if he feels the play is becoming too intense. Once this word is spoken, all play is halted.

One who is aroused or receives sexual gratification from inflicting pain on another.  For most Sadists, their pleasure relies on knowing that the subject is enjoying the experience. 

Saint Andrew's Cross / X-Frame
A popular piece of furniture in the BDSM scene, built to resemble a giant cross, where a submissive has his hands and ankles cuffed to the ends and is rendered immobile.  


​D i s c r e t i o n   i s   M y   P r o f e s s i o n

​​​​Maitresse Synthia


X-Frame (see Saint Andrew's Cross)

Water Sports
Play involving urine or enemas. {see also: golden shower, medical play}

Weekend Sessions (see Extended Sessions)

Whipping Post / Spanking Bench
A piece of furniture that the slave is strapped to, usually in a kneeling position, so that his Domme can whip, spank or just play with. 


Wicked good times! Two or more people (could be A Domme and a slave, or maybe just the slaves) grappling with each other until someone overpowers the other(s). 

RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
Risk Aware Consensual Kink is a term used in the BDSM community to describe the kind of play a Domme and Her slave are into. {see also: SSC}

Ritual (see Slave Training)

Role play (see Kidnapping)

Rope Bondage (see Bondage)

Feces, play involving feces. {see also: brown shower}

Sensory Deprivation
When The Domme takes away one or more of the slave's senses, to heighten the slave's awareness of his other senses. She might use blindfolds, earplugs or a gag (to name a few).

Sensual & Erotic
A session taking place in an environment where The Domme uses very little, if any, humiliation, degradation or corporal punishment.

Sissification (see Crossdressing)

Slapping (see Impact Play)

Slave Training / Domestic Servitude / Ritual / Ownership
This involves The Domme training the slave to perform in a precise manner each time She says a certain word or gives a specific signal or command. She could also have the slave doing chores or housework. Pretty much, The Domme will be training the slave to serve Her every desire.

Slut Training
This is where The Domme trains the slave to perform in a lewd and provocative manner, like a little slut.

Smoking Fetish / Human Ashtray
The act of the slave being excited or aroused by his Mistress smoking cigarettes during a session. May involve The Domme ashing in the slave's mouth and/or extinguishing a cigarette on some part of the slave's body.

Smothering (see Asphyxiation)

SOT (Strap on Training)

A session where The Domme 'rocks the cock'. When a Mistress wears a 'strap on' and either has Her slave suck it or She can bend him over and fuck him. Fun times!

Sounds ( See Urethral Sounds)

SPH (see Humiliation)

Spit Roasting
A session where the slave sucks cock, while The Domme pounds his ass while wearing a strap-on. Good Times!!!

The act of The Domme expelling Her saliva onto the slave. May involve expelling saliva into the slaves mouth and forcing him to swallow.

Spreader Bar
A long metal rod that holds the submissives legs, thighs or even wrists wide apart. 

SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual)
A term used in the BDSM community and seen as a common principle for guiding activity. {see also: RACK}

Stockings / Pantyhose Fetish
A session where stockings and/or pantyhose are the focus of the slaves desires. They can be worn by the slave or his Mistress or by both!

A type of erotically altered consciousness (EAC) falling into a state of submission, a relaxed state of mind due to a rush of pain-inhibiting endorphins.

One who enjoys playing both submissive and Dominant rolls. They alternate between being the sub to being the Domme, usually not in the same scene.

Follow Me on...

This one involves The Domme removing all of the hair from the slave's "private" region.


One who experiences sexual gratification or arousal from receiving pain.  The context of the pain, and how it is received, is important.


A male Dominant; the Female equivalent is a Mistress.

Medical Play / Enemas / Catheters
Medical play is role play involving a Nurse/patient or Doctor/nurse. Often involves the slave being "examined " by The Domme, playing with items often associated with hospitals and/or a doctor's office. Enemas involve The Domme inserting a nozzle that is attached to a hose and a bag of fluid (usually water) into the slave's anus in order to clear out the slaves bowels. Catheters involve The Domme inserting a tube into the slave's urethra, down into his bladder. The slave's bladder will then empty into a bag that is attached to the outside end of the tube.

Female equivalent of a Master.

Mummification (see Bondage)

Lesbian Cuckolding (see Cuckolding)

Activities that a slave will NOT do (hard limit) or an activity the slave is hesitant but willing to try (soft limit).

Needle Play
A session involving The Domme placing needles into the slave's flesh, usually in an artistic pattern. Can be done on the back, arms, legs, butt, neck, feet or hands. Could also involve The Domme piercing the slave's genitalia or nipples.

Nipple Torture
The act of The Domme inflicting pain (from mild to intense) to the center of the slaves pectoral region. Common implements used are clamps, clothespins & weights.

Novices (see Beginners)

Key holding (see Chastity)

Kidnapping / Interrogation / Role play
Kidnapping is the act of The Domme taking the slave (supposedly against the slaves will) to an unknown location and forcing the slave to do whatever The Domme wants. Role play is the act of assuming a character different from yourself, called "psychodrama". Enactment of a prearranged scene. Common scenarios are Doctor/patient, Boss/secretary, Officer/criminal, Teacher/student... 


A practice whereby a Dominant, most often a Female, sits on the face of a submissive and forces them to perform oral sex and/or anilingus, usually while restrained.  {see also: Asphyxiation}

​Vacuum Bed

A device used in BDSM play. A person is placed in a latex envelope spanned by a frame and a vacuum removes most of the air in the envelope.

Urethral Sounds / Sounds
Medical devices, rods (usually made of glass or steel) that are approximately 8-10 inches long and come in a variety of diameters. The rods, or Sounds, are inserted into the male urethra, to create an extraordinary range of erotic sensations.  

A term used to describe people who do not participate in BDSM activities. People who do not live a "kinky" lifestyle. <The Smiths are not swingers, they only have vanilla sex>

Video Session (see Phone Sessions)

Violet Wand
A static electricity generator, frequently with multiple glass attachments, used to send static "lightning" to the slave's skin.

Used for sexual stimulation during sessions. A form of electrical play. Acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation unit. {see also: Violet Wand}

Tie, Tease & Denial
A session where the slave is tied up and teased by his Mistress, only to be denied any pleasure.

The Dominant play partner, The Domme or The Mistress. The one who is in control. {see also: bottom}

Topping from the bottom
A term used to describe when a slave tries to control the scene, or attempts to "call the shots". When a slave starts doing their own thing and not what his Domme has instructed.

Torture / Pain Slut
A slave who can handle an extreme amount of pain. He not only wants to be beat, but he begs his Mistress for more. This world NEEDS more pain sluts!!

TPE (Total Power Exchange) / APE (Absolute Power Exchange)
Role play where The Domme has total control over Her slave. All decisions are made by The Domme. Total empowerment is had by The Domme due to the slave's total surrender of control.

Trampling involves The Domme, usually in 5 inch stilettos, walking on the slave's back, legs, or his cock, and/or balls.

Transsexual Play
A session including a member of the transgender community. The slave might be told to suck Her cock and swallow or the TS might just tease the slave. This is a great way for the slave to get in some cock worshiping time. The fun to be had is limitless!

A form of role play with The Domme having the slave become something less than human; such as an animal, a piece of furniture (Forniphilia), an ashtray, or a sex toy.

Orgasm Control
The Domme forcing the slave to remain in a state of arousal for an extended period without achieving climax. Due to this elongated final stage of arousal, the sensations of the eventual release may be amplified.

OTK (Over the Knee)
A classic spanking position with the slave laying face down, over The Domme's knee, while She spanks the slave's bare ass.

Overnight (see Extended Session)

Ownership (see Slave Training)