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​​​​Maitresse Synthia


      30 days                           8                            $1000

       60 days                           15                           $1650

       90 days                          22                           $2400

      120 days                         32                           $3040

     121 + days                      call                             call 


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     7 days                            2                             $310

     14 days                           4                              $550


     21 days                           6                              $720

      Are you man enough to surrender complete control of your cock to Me? No, No, not literally, I mean, I’m not Lorena Bobbit! However, I will be in control of anything and everything when it comes to M/my “newly acquired” cock. The ONLY thing I will allow you to do with M/my cock, without first obtaining My permission, is sitting down to pee (like a little girl)! Yes, you read that correctly. I offer Key Holding services for short to long term, as well as local or long distance. If you think you are man enough to move forward; keep reading…

      There are so many reasons I find extreme pleasure in chastising My subordinates;) I am sure you have an ample amount of reasons for wanting Me to be your Key Holder. For instance… one of My slaves needed a little extra motivation to help him obtain his Masters Degree. If he finished a paper on time and received an "A" then I would consider letting him pleasure himself. I kept one slave in chastity for five months without a single release (per his request!) Of course, I did have some wicked good times teasing him! I so enjoy controlling your pleasure. However, My favorite would have to be hearing you beg, grovel, and plead for Me to allow you to release, only to receive from Me a very evil ruined orgasm!

      No matter what your reasons may be, My rules are always the same.

      Your first task is purchasing a well fitting chastity device.

      All of My chastity slaves will check in everyday, at a pre-arranged time, by sending Me a photo of M/my locked cock. I will also do periodic “spot checks” by sending you a text message. When you receive My message, it will read similarly to “spot check 431”, you will have 15 minutes to find a place where you can take a photo of M/my locked cock. The three digit number will be different every time and you must also write the three digit number on a piece of paper and include it with the picture of M/my cock. W/we will have periodic video sessions that will last approximately 15 minutes each. I will also assign you tasks or “homework” and I require that you write in a journal everyday. This is all included in the Chastity tribute amount.   

       Any sessions (real time, phone or video), outside of the sessions listed with the tribute amount below, are NOT included with the Chastity tribute. you will need to provide My regular tribute amount for any extra sessions you schedule. W/we will have the initial 30 minute “Lock-up” session at My Sanctuary. If you do not live in Arizona and are not able to visit in person, W/we can have a video session for the initial “lock-up”. All of the remaining sessions, that are included with the Chastity tribute, will be video sessions (for local and long distance slaves).

      I recommend that you schedule one or two sessions prior to being locked-up (phone, video or in person). This way W/we can get acquainted and build some trust. This is not required, but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!   

      If you need to be released from chastity before your time is up, you MUST contact Me and get My permission. You will also be required to pay the “early release tax” of $100. I DO NOT “refund” any part of paid tributes due to early release. I might consider offering a credit towards future sessions, depending on the individual circumstances; however, this privilege will be offered to you by Me and not granted if you ask for it. You will not be able to schedule any future sessions until you have paid the tax.  

       If I leave town or have prior engagements, I will inform you prior to My being absent and you will report to one of the Domme’s who work with Me. Everything else will remain the same as if you were reporting to Me.

      All other information will be given to you with your contract prior to being locked in chastity. Once you have purchased a well fitting, comfortable device, fill out My chastity application below and wait to hear back from Me, via email.     

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          One thing I have learned over the years is that there is no such thing as too much communication.  If you feel you are ready for 24/7 servitude fill out the application below and await My reply.

          IMPORTANT:  Prior to your extended session and/or overnight, you MUST have one regular session with Me.  If you DO NOT live in Arizona your first session can be a phone or a video session. Indicate in the application what you prefer. 



From six hours, up to three days!

Local or Long Distance


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          Have you ever fantasized about being kidnapped by a Domme, taken to an unknown location and tortured by a group of Superior Females? Held hostage for days while They take turns using you for Their entertainment?

          Maybe you have been dreaming of some other fantasy? I enjoy and excel at plucking those fantasies from the depths of your dirty little mind and bringing them to life.

          During My time as a Professional Domme I have executed many extended role play sessions, organizing a plethora of different scenarios. I have several people who I can call on to participate. I plan out every detail from writing a script, selecting the costumes, detailing a schedule, planning meals, and much more. No detail is overlooked and I do not charge for the hours I dedicate to the planning process.  I pride Myself in creating the ultimate experience making your fantasy become a reality.

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