i was scared. For the past 4 weeks, Maitresse Synthia had been training me ruthlessly. She had kept me in chastity with no release. Further, She had been brutal in Her training of me. i had been in chains the whole time, She had taught me a number of commands and used the cane whenever i was slow to respond.

There was one command on which much of my training focused: worship.

She initiated the command with a snap of Her royal fingers and a gesture toward the object to be worshiped. Sometimes, it was wonderful. She would snap Her fingers and point to Her ass or pussy. Then i would do my best to give Her an orgasm (a pleasure usually reserved for Her personal slave girl rose).

However, the last 2 weeks had been different. She had focused my training on cock worship. She loves strap-on training. She repeatedly forced me to suck Her cock. If i hesitated or did not deep throat it properly, She caned me. i had plenty of bruises, but lately my abilities had improved and She was pleased with my cock sucking skills.

Then She dropped the bombshell. "bitch", She said, "I think that you are ready for real cocks." It was so matter of fact that i knew that i would soon be sucking cock for Her amusement.

One morning, after She had used me as a toilet, 1st thing in the morning, She started talking about a big shopping spree that She had planned for the next day. About 4 o'clock that afternoon, i learned why. She was very clear about the next debasement that i had to endure to worship Her. "jeffy, tonight you will be My whore! I host a blackjack game once a month. I do it for My gay boy friends. Some of them are Tops and really know what they like. Since I am the host I am the house, the bank, and you know the house always wins. Especially under My Rules. you see, whenever the house gets underwater by 50 bucks, I settle accounts. I sell blow jobs. Blow jobs that you will be giving. Do you understand Me whore?"

i knew that i did. i was Her whore, She was my Lady Pimp and i was scared.

She dressed me in a collar, garter belt, stockings and heels. She put the sluttiest lip stick on me and told me that tonight i would be, "sucking cock to make Her money."

Her guests were expected at 8 pm. At 6 pm, She had me set up the dungeon for blackjack. i put out a table and cards, chips and drinks.  I was straightening the room when She walked in, half dressed and amazing. "Over the punishment bench whore!" i immediately did as ordered. "whore, you know that pimps slap their bitches around to keep them in line. Well, We Lady Pimps use a similar strategy but We use the cane." With that, She strapped me down. "This is what will happen if you let me down whore. This is how this Lady Pimps keep Her bitches in line." With that, She gave me 30 strokes with the cane. By 15 i was screaming, by 25 i was in tears. She released me and said, "do not disappoint Me whore. It will hurt more the next time!"

She allowed me to wash the tears from my face and put on more make up. Soon i was answering the door, greeting guests (to my shame) and fetching drinks. When all the guests arrived, Maitresse told everyone to sit down. "Well boys, it is My favorite night of the month again, blackjack night and I have a big day of shopping ahead of Me tomorrow. I have a brand new whore for your enjoyment tonight. This bitch has only sucked My dildo, but i can assure you that she is a proficient cock sucker. Let Me remind you of the rules. I am the house. If I owe you 50 dollars or more, I settle up by My whore sucking your cock. "Isn't that right whore?"

Without missing a beat, i said, "yes Maitresse!" i was blushing deeply.

Before Maitresse could even sell anybody chips, one of Her friends said, "Syn you know I am just here to check out Your new bitch. A virgin? Damn, I need some of that! What's it cost to blow a load in that virgin mouth right now?"

Smiling, my owner responded, "if  you want to be the 1st it is $75." A wad of money came out of his pocket and rested on the table. Maitresse snapped Her fingers and pointed at his cock. i crawled on my knees to him, pulled his zipper down with my teeth and released his large shaved tool.  Fearing the beating that i would get if i disappointed Her. i sucked him like a porn star, i licked his shaft and balls and then deep throated his tool. With his cock buried in my mouth, i played with his balls. It was slow to build then hot and wet and both Maitresse and i could tell that he was getting close to cumming. She said loudly, "dont miss a drop whore! My guests expect you to swallow and so do I! Just then he gripped the sides of my head and began fucking my face, his cock tensed up and then exploded down my throat. I swallowed his load and removed his cock from my mouth.

Maitresse told me the next time that She wanted me to keep it in my mouth and show everyone. Then She ordered me to lick his cock clean and put it away. Wanting to go the extra minle, but totally humiliated, i finished by kissing the tip pf his cock and saying, :sir thank you for helping me earn for my Lady Pimp." Everyone int he room burst out laughing at me.

The next hour was a blur. Maitresse raked in money as the house, i kept everyone's drinks full and tried to keep Her guests entertained by acting like a slut.:rubbing against them, playing with their cocks through their pants, etc. i could tell that Maitresse was having fun.

Then the house lost a series of hands to Bill. Maitresse ordered me to count his chips and She owed him 5o bucks. "you know what to do whore," She ordered. i sauntered over in my heels and began grinding on him. It was a bit of a challenge to undue his belt with my teeth, but soon his cock was free and in my mouth. Maitresse reminded me that Her guests wanted to see this cum load before i swallowed. The guys were getting into it now, some laughing and some cheering. I wondered if they were more interested in winning money or getting blowjobs from me. Either way it didn't matter, Maitresse was already up 675 bucks.

i felt my newest john tense up and then explode in my mouth. i crawled to Maitresse and showed Her the mouthful of spunk. She ordered me to show the other guests. i did and a few of them even spit on me, This was getting intense. Finally, i finished as last time, kissing the top of his cock, putting it away and thanking him for helping me earn for my Lady Pimp.

Back to the cards and Maitresse made some more dough. That said, Her guest, Master Bryce said, "that is quite a specimen that you have Maitresse Synthia, how long has Your whore been in chastity?"

"A month Master Bryce, My dear, she will do anything at this point. she is the living definition of sexual frustration." They both chuckled. "I thought as much," said Master Bryce, "and she has never had a real cock in her ass either I take it?  Just how much would it cost to take that tight little ass for a ride?"

Maitresse looked at me, " have you ever had a real cock in your ass whore?"

No Maitresse, but Master Bryce looks so hot, if you can get the right price, i would love it if he could be the first!"

They negotiated a bit. more for fun then anything else. During the process She ordered me to tease him. In order to make more money for my Lady Pimp, at one point i had the tip of his dick out of his jeansand was flicking the head with my tongue to get it going. They settled on 20 and he took me into another part of the dungeon. Naturally, everybody came to watch.

Once again i removed clothes with my teeth and got another paying customer hard. He gave me a spanking over his kneeand then he turned me around and started fingering my ass. He was not to be denied and soon i could feel the head of his dick pushing on my virgin hole. i tried to relax, but it hurt. He forced his way into me and i gasped with pain. Fortunately, he gave me a moment to get used to his cockand then he began fucking me. He slapped my ass, pulled my hair, called me names and enjoyed himself.

I was grunting in shame, humiliation, pain and some pleasure. Finally he blew his load. Maitresse had made him wear a condom to fuck my ass. Now She made me take it off and dump the contents on my face. Covered in Master  Bryce's cum, i once again licked and kissed his cock clean and thanked him. i got his 200 bucks and handed it to my Lady Pimp. She now had a growing pile of dough.

She only got down to 50 y one other player that night and true to Her word, i settled the debt y sucking his cock, then Maitresse announced, "some of you have not yet got to enjoy My whore and the house is about to close. This bitch is normally 50 bucks, but since you boys have been unlucky in cards and we are all friends, you may buy a blowjob for 25 right now." Every guy that had not yet cum, hit the bid! I had eight more cocks to suck and Maitresse had another 200 bucks. She ordered me under the table and I crawled from guest to guest shamelessly giving head. It was so humiliating, but because i was making money for my owner, it felt so right.

When all the guests had finally cum in my mouth, Maitresse showed them to the door. rose was released from her cage and she and i cleaned up after the party. Maitresse counted Her money. between the 600 buy in, selling me a couple of times and then a speed round of blow jobs, She had made just under 1,000.  

My gorgeous Lady Pimp came over to me and She was smiling. "Nice jo jeffy. This is the 1st of many times that i will be pimping you out. you nade Me very happy and very wet. She removed Her skirt and panties and snapped Her finger, pointing at Her pussy. It was my favorite thing to do! Worshiping Maitresses' pussy was a privilege beyond words. Soon She had ridden my face to several of Her own orgasmsand my cock was straining within it's cage.

She caught Her breath and said, "since you have been such a productive whore this evening, I am going to reward you." She removed the chastity device and my cock sprang to life. "Beg Me to allow you to cum jeffy!"

i begged and begge! i promised to e Her whore, to clean, to cook , to take any beating! if only i could cum. Apparently, She liked what She heard as She ordered slave girl rose to suck my cock and then spit the cum ack into my mouth. i shot a massive wad, and for the 13th time that night, got a mouth full of male cum. This time it was my own and it was delivered with a french kissfrom Maitresse's amazing slave girl rose.

i was not permitted to shower that night, Maitresse said, "I want you to feel  like a dirty, debased and denied whore! Now crawl to the cage and get to sleep!"

i did as ordered. After all, W/we had a big day of shopping planned for the next day!



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