Q:  How do You prefer to be addressed?

A:  Maitresse or Mistress

Q:  What did You do for work prior to becoming a Professional Domme?

A:  I was an Exotic dancer.

Q:  What led You to becoming a Pro Domme?

A:  About 15 years ago, I started experimenting with BDSM in 

      My personal life and I was so fascinated by it all. I wanted to learn

      as much as I could about every aspect. After months of reading and

      learning I contacted “The Den” and the rest is history...   

Q:  Do You care to share a funny story from Your first year as a Pro


A:  During a session, one of the requests was for a golden shower. I did not

      know (until the session was over) that non-consumption GS’s existed,

      and that is what the sub wanted! Oops!

Q:  What do You enjoy doing in Your free time?

A:  I enjoy making jewelry.

Q:  Dream vacation destination?

A:  Alaska, preferably on a cruise.

Q:  Favorite Movie?

A:  The Serpent & The Rainbow 

Q:  Favorite Book?

A:  She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

Q:  Turn on's?

A:  Good Hygiene, Intelligence and a good sense of humor   

Q:  Turn off's?

A:  Bad Hygiene, People who do not value My time, Disloyalty  

Q:  One piece of advice You would give to someone who is just starting out as a Pro Domme?

A:  Communication, communication, communication… and then

       communicate some more…

Let Me introduce Myself.....


   My name is Maitresse Synthia. At a very young age, I was ingrained with the knowledge that, as a female, I am of The Superior Sex. Since that time, I have focused My Knowledge and skills on teaching and training subordinates. This has remained My mission for several years now.

   In the beginning, I was fortunate enough to have spent the first two years of My journey as a Pro Domme at infamous Porsche Lynn's Den of Indomitus. Over the next few years, I experienced much growth while honing My skills in BDSM and D/s Relationships. In addition, I have trained quite a few slave girls, two of which are still serving Me.

   As My passion for My craft grew, so did My vision, and from this My beloved Sanctuary was born. Hand crafted to My specifications, you will find No facility more well suited, better equipped, or more conveniently located than My Sanctuary...hidden right under your nose...

   Which brings us around to Lucky you and the opportunity that awaits you...

you see, I am presently accepting applications for subs/sissies/slaves to fill My stables. Note: I am NOT currently looking for a "house" slave boy. I am, however, seeking well mannered gentlemen who wish to learn more about Female Supremacy and how best to Serve Me... 

                                                                      -Maitresse Synthia


​Question & Answer with Maitresse Synthia...

Maitresse Synthia

        D   I   S   R   O   B   E       &       K  N  E  E  L         B   E   F   O   R   E      M   E

Greetings from the Valley of the Sun!