​D i s c r e t i o n   i s   M y   P r o f e s s i o n

​​​Maitresse Synthia


*** While extended sessions are very exciting, they are not for everyone. They can be mentally and physically exhausting. While limits are always respected, and occasional breaks are taken, it can still take a lot out of even the most experienced players. For this reason, I suggest that you schedule one or two regular sessions with Me so that I can assess any limitations you may have, and also so that W/we may discuss together the details of your extended session. For My subs that live out of town, two or three phone sessions can be scheduled in place of the "regular" sessions.


From six hours, up to three days!

More coming soon! Check back daily!

          Have you ever fantasized about being kidnapped by a Domme, taken to an unknown location and tortured by a group of Superior Females? Held hostage for days while They take turns using you for Their entertainment?

          Maybe you have been dreaming of some other fantasy? I enjoy and excel at plucking the fantasies from the depths of your dirty little mind and bringing them to life.

          During My time as a Professional Domme I have executed many extended role play sessions, organizing a plethora of different scenarios. I have several people who I can call on to participate. I plan out every detail from writing a script to selecting the costumes. I pride Myself in creating the ultimate experience making your fantasy become a reality.


          If you feel this is something you are ready to conquer, fill out My application below, and I will contact you (via email) to schedule your first preliminary "real time" or phone session to begin the process...***

This application is for EXTENDED SESSIONS ONLY! 

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