"Since BDSM definitions vary slightly from region to region, I have listed My definitions below"

I am a Professional                                                              

Trained in The Art of Dominance.

I am NOT an escort!

If you are looking for an escort, keep looking...

I am way too much Woman for you simple minded boys!

and to those of you seeking a "massage", the only "massage" I offer entails

My boot massaging your nut sack!

...if you are still reading this, I trust that we are on the same page.    you may proceed:

Scroll down for glossary of services offered...


Services with ***  are My favorite activities!!!


Maitresse Synthia

        D   I   S   R   O   B   E       &       K  N  E  E  L         B   E   F   O   R   E      M   E

      Read This, in it's Entirety, Prior to Calling!

My Sanctuary is located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona!  If you can't make it in to experience time with Me

live, don't fret! I also offer phone and video sessions through NiteFlirt. (Click the link below for more info)

If you desire to come experience time with Me at My Sanctuary, My tribute is 250 for the first hour and   150 for each additional hour. Remember, I am a Professional. This is NOT My hobby; it IS My Passion and My  Livelihood. Do NOT insult Me or embarrass yourself by asking for a discount. I assure you will find your experience to be worth every penny.

I recommend an hour and a half for "first time sessions" (for a tribute of 325) 

I am a Pro Domme; I DO NOT "switch".

My Sanctuary is discreetly located just 10 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport. Once you have a confirmed session time,

I will send you orders that will lead you to Me.

Out-call sessions are for well established submissives ONLY!

My availability is: Monday thru Saturday 12:00 Noon - 12:00 Midnight.

I do NOT book "first time, same day" sessions. If you schedule a session and do not show or cancel with less than 12 hrs notice, you will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to  reschedule.

Additional play partners may be added to the session AFTER your first session. An additional tribute is required

per play partner, starting at 150 per hour.

To schedule your FIRST session, submit an application by clicking the link below and I will contact you.

Face photos are required for My safety and will be deleted after your first session. I will NOT confirm a session until I 

have a face photo. I am the ONLY one who will see the photo. 

Returning submissives may call Me to schedule a session. (click the link below)

If you have a question that I did not address here, you may call Me. (click the link below)

I ONLY TAKE CALLS FROM 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Monday thru Saturday. Unless you are an established submissive,

DO NOT send a text message. It is rude and immature, and I will not respond.


Abandonment ​​

A session involving role play that leaves you with the feeling of being left

alone, undesired, insecure or discarded

Anal Play***

This one really gets My juices flowing... I will stimulate your anus with a

butt plug or I might use some beads, ice, etc... Can also involve prostate play.


(see TPE)

Asphyxiation/Smothering/Face Sitting

This is where I deprive you of air, for a short period of time, by blocking your

mouth and nose. I can do this by having one of My slave girls sit and cover

your face or by using an object like a pillow, bag, towel, etc...

Ass Worship

(see Body Worship)

Ball Busting

(see CBT)


Take off your shoes and present to Me, the bottoms of your feet. I am going to

take My cane and whip while you count. I have not run across many who

don't consider this a severe form of punishment, probably because it will

leave heavy marks and involves a high degree of pain.


If you are scared or not sure if you can handle time with a Superior Female,

then call Me and allow Me to guide you through your first sessions. I will

make sure you are comfortable, prove to you that I am trustworthy and

push your boundaries just enough to excite, not scare you...

Body Worship/Ass Worship

​An act which involves you venerating My ass or any other part of My body.

NO touching unless, of course, I give you permission.

Bondage/Rope Bondage/Mummification/Predicament Bondage

I will tie or wrap you up in a way that you can not escape. I want to restrict

your movement and use you as I wish! A few of the ways I might accomplish

this are: rope, plastic wrap, tape, fabric, wrist straps, ankle straps, handcuffs...

Boot Worship

​you will kneel before Me and clean My boots with your tongue. you may

also kiss and admire My boots while sucking on My heel.


I have several cages in My Sanctuary. I could choose to lock you in My

hanging cage so others can see. Or maybe I will lock you up with one of

My slave girls in the privacy of My study. I guess it all depends on My

mood and your behavior!


(see Bastinado)


(see Medical Play)


(see CBT)

CBT [Cock and Ball Torture]/Ball Busting/CBB [Cock and Ball Busting]

​Imagine Me inflicting pain (from mild to intense) upon your genitals.

I might use clamps, clothespins, rubber bands, weights, rope, paddle,

spatula... you get the picture. Or maybe I will just bind your cock and balls

in a sling??? Hmmm, decisions, decisions...

CEI [Cum Eating Instruction]

A session that involves Me teaching a sub the correct way to consume cum.

CFNM [Clothed Female Nude Male]

This is a session with Me in clothing (covering My breasts and genitals,

at a minimum) while you are completely naked!

Chastity/Key Holding***

This is a form of orgasm control and/or forced abstinence, through

the use of a locked device over your genitals. I will be the "Key holder"

of the device and will decide when you get to have your next release!!!

Fun times...

Chemical Play

A session involving the use of items like icy hot, salt, hot sauce, etc...

on sensitive areas of the body. Sandpaper might be used first.

Coerced Bi***

​A session involving Me "forcing" you into participating in bisexual

activity while you are pretending that you do not want to participate.

Consensual - Non-Consent

​A session where we role play that you are not consenting to the activities

involved; when, in reality, you fully consent.


​A session with Myself and 2 other people. Usually husband/wife; could

also be 2 submissives of the same sex. I enjoy training women to be

Dominant over men.


​I will dress you up in female clothing (a dress, panties, bra...) do your

make-up and fit you with a wig then have you act like a lady.

Cuckolding[Male-Female]/Lesbian Cuckolding [Female-Female]

A session where I make you watch My "Bull" satisfy Me in ways you

could only dream of doing. Lesbian Cuckolding is where I use My

strap-on on My slave girl while you are made to watch.


(see Emasculation)

Domestic Servitude***

(see Slave Training)

Double Domme***

​Imagine being Dominated by Myself and one of My Superior Female

friends at the same time. Do you think you can handle Us? Don't be

scared... on second thought...


​Me making you sexually stimulate yourself to near the point of release,

often repeatedly, without allowing you to release.

Electrical Play

​Me applying electrical stimulation to any part of the body, from mild to

intense. DO NOT engage in this play if you have a heart condition


The act of being "broken" at My will and "molded" to fulfill My every desire.


(see Medical Play)


The act of becoming sexually aroused by exposing private body parts,

usually to strangers, or by performing sexual activities in public view.

Extended/Overnight/Weekend Sessions***

​I can not think of a better way to spend a weekend! you serving Me

for one or two (or more) days in a row.

​Face Sitting

(see Asphyxiation)

Financial Domination

​This is when you show your full dedication and devotion to serving Me

by releasing your assets over to Me.


​If you really want to please Me, this is the one... Involves Me inserting

My entire fist into your anus. Fun, fun!!!


​This is when I strike you with an implement (called a flogger) often

constructed of strips of leather, suede or rubber to name a few...

Forced Masturbation

This one involves Me being in control of when you pleasure yourself

by stroking your cock, usually with your own hand and ONLY

when I command you to do so.

Golden Shower***

This would involve Me urinating on you. Or, I could make you consume

My pee, if you are lucky.

Human Ashtray

(see Smoking Fetish)

Humiliation/SPH [Small Penis Humiliation]***

​The act of Me playfully humbling or teasing you about your desires.

It might involve Me making you perform embarrassing acts. SPH

involves Me teasing you about your tiny genitalia.

Impact Play/Slapping

Me, striking you, on the face or any area of bare skin, with an open hand.

Me using any toy or instrument to strike you someplace on your body.


(see Kidnapping)

Key Holding***

(see Chastity)

Kidnapping/Interrogation/Role Play***

​Kidnapping is the act of Me taking you (supposedly against your will)

to an unknown location and forcing you to do whatever I please.

Role play is the act of assuming a character different from yourself

"psychodrama". Enactment of a prearranged scene, common scenarios

are doctor/patient, boss/secretary, officer/criminal, teacher/student...

Lesbian Cuckolding

(see Cuckolding) 


​This one involves Me removing all of the hair from your

"private" region. 

Medical Play/Enemas/Catheters

Medical play is role play involving a Nurse/Patient or Doctor/Nurse

Often involves you being "examined " by Me. Playing with items

often associated with hospitals and/or a doctor's office. Enemas

involve Me inserting a nozzle, into your anus, that is attached to a

hose and a bag of fluid (usually water) in order to clear out your

bowels. Catheters involve Me inserting a tube into your urethra,

down into your bladder. your bladder will then empty into a bag

that is attached to the outside end of the tube. 


(see Bondage)

Nipple Torture

The act of Me inflicting pain (from mild to intense) to the center

of your pectoral region. Common implements used are clamps,

clothespins & weights... 


(see Beginners)


A form of role-play with Me having you become something less

than human; such as an animal, a piece of furniture (Forniphilia),

an ashtray or a sex toy...

Orgasm Control

Me, forcing you to remain in a state of arousal for an extended period

without achieving climax. Due to this elongated final stage of arousal,

the sensations of the eventual release may be amplified.

OTK [Over The Knee]

A classic spanking position with you laying face down, over My knee,

while I spank your bare ass.


(see Extended Session)


(see Slave Training) 

Pain Slut***

(see Torture)

Pantyhose Fetish

(see Stockings)

Phone Session/Video Session

Me dominating you over the phone or while using Skype. Often

entails intense psychological domination, may involve some role

play. Must go through NiteFlirt to connect this way.

POT [Post Orgasm Trauma]***

Stimulation is continued after the initial release of the sub, causing

a level of discomfort, to the sub, that I find very amusing.

Predicament Bondage

(see Bondage)

Psychological Domination***

I have spent years learning this skill and truly enjoy the challenge

it offers. My goal is to "confine" you, using only My words. I want

to get in your head and explore!


(see Slave Training)

Role Play***

(see Kidnapping)

Rope Bondage

(see Bondage)

Sensory Deprivation 

I will take away one or more of your senses to heighten your awareness

of the others. I might use blindfolds, earplugs or a gag (to name a few)...

Sensual & Erotic***

A session taking place in an environment where I use very little,

if any, humiliation, degradation or corporal punishment.


(see Cross-dressing)

Slave Training/Domestic Servitude/Ritual/Ownership***

This involves Me training you to perform in a precise manner

each time I say a certain word or give a specific signal or command.

I could also have you doing chores or housework for Me, pretty much,

I will be training you to serve My every desire.


(see Impact Play)

Slut Training***

This is where I train you to perform in a lewd and provocative

manner, anything I desire because you would be My little slut

in training...

Smoking Fetish/Human Ashtray

The act of you being excited or aroused by Me smoking cigarettes

during a session. May involve Me ashing in your mouth and/or

extinguishing a cigarette on some part of your body.


(see Asphyxiation) 

SOT [Strap On Training]***

My specialty, where I rock the cock. If you don't know this one,

schedule a session & find out!

Sounds/Urethral Sounds***

Medical devices, rods (usually made of glass or steel) that are

approximately 8-10 inches long and come in a variety of

diameters. I insert them, into your urethra, to create an

extraordinary range of erotic sensations.


(see Humiliation)

Spit Roasting***

A session where you suck cock, while I pound your ass with My

strap-on. Good Times!!!


The act of Me expelling My saliva onto you. May involve expelling

saliva into your mouth and forcing you to swallow.

Stockings/Pantyhose Fetish

A session where stockings and/or pantyhose are the focus of the

subs desires. They can be worn by you or Myself.

Tie, Tease & Denial***

A session where I tie you up, tease your senses and deny you pleasure.

Torture/Pain Slut***

I truly believe I do not have enough of these in My life... There

is no bigger turn on than a sub that not only takes My abuse but

begs Me for more!!!

TPE [Total Power Exchange]/APE [Absolute Power Exchange]***

Role play with Me having total control over you, and you have no

say in anything. All decisions are made by Me. Empowerment by

Me and your total surrender of control to Me.


Trampling involves Me, usually in 5 inch stilettos, walking on your back,

your legs or your cock and/or balls.

Transsexual Play***

When I invite a someone from the transgender community to engage

in our session.

Urethral Sounds***

(see Sounds)

Video Session Voyeurism 

(see Phone Sessions) 


The act of becoming sexually aroused by watching others involved in sexual activities. Can be someone known or could be strangers. They may or may not know they are being watched...

Wax Play

Me, applying the liquid from melted candles anywhere onto your bare skin.

After the liquid hardens, I remove it by using one or more different methods.

Weekend Sessions***

(see Extended Sessions)


Wicked good times! I will have two or more people (with Myself or

just the slaves) grappling with each other until someone overpowers

the other(s).